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    The Sign Scorpio is all about a transformation process. And as we all know, transformations can be painful. Depending on whether the particular Scorpio is higher or lower into its own waters there might be a lot of destructive behaviour involved. The typical Scorpion look, where the Scorpio doesnt look at you but rather scans you, will be familiar to people who are into a Scorp. What Scorps do is try find your weak spots, just in case. Once they think they have enough reason to they will sting you there, sting you there hard! In 90% of all cases that will be because of jealousy, because Scorpio is the most jealous creature around. They are also prone to develop paranoia, and will imagine all sorts of exaggerations once they stop feeling safe.

    In a relationship this can be a very problematic situation. The Scorpions transformation process always also includes the partner, and the process might turn into a destructive process overall when the Scorpio feels the transformation cannot be successful.

    The way to deal with this is to talk directly to the Scorpio and make him or her feel that his paranoias are really the result of insecurity based on a lack of confidence in your relationship. Make him or her feel they are wanted, instead of continuing to build on the mistrust. Don’t fight with the Scorpion, because Scorpions know only how to fight dirty. Once they really start to fight they will try hit you in every which way they can, so better be prepared for that. It’s better to avoid fights with them, and build on their confidence: they do need a lot of attention.

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