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    The sign Aquarius is the 11th sign in the wheel of the Zodiac and it’s the last sign of the Air signs. However, it is the Fixed sign of Air which means that the Aquarius is actually the middle of the airsigns and most in control of the mental capacities that come with Air. Aquarius is the sign of ideals, of pure mental constructs, of dreams of a better world and of pure, sometimes platonic, friendship. An Aquarius usually is mostly concerned with his mental image of the world, and you will find many idealists, dreamers, practical philosophers as well as dictators amongst their ranks. I have investigated the world’s top 20 dictators and no less than 30% of them were Aquarius! It’s easy to understand why: a dictator tends to live in his own perfect, mental world, unaffected by reality, and that’s exactly what an Aquarius is good at. There is, of course, a big problem with idealism: it’s fake per definition. That’s also waht makes it dangerous: the major disasters, until this day, are caused by idealists who think their ideas and mental constructs are more important than people, reality, or whatever else is ‘out there’. Aquarius is a sign that is naturally extremely talkative and dominant in the Air realm, which makes them excellent manipulators – also because of the Prince of Swords character from Tarot which rules the first 20 degrees of Aquarius.

    People born under the stellation of Aquarius are always in some way or the other intellectuals. They are essentially cold and not very passionate: even though they might be good in manipulating the image towards the opposite. The sign Aquarius has a certain aloofness that seems mysterious to some other signs: they can get fascinated by these strange, detached, aloof people who prefer their own mental world over the world out there. An Aquarius, once he trusts you, does make an excellent friend. They will often be known as great debaters, also, because they are able to adept any mental position whatsoever so this flexibility makes them sort of unbeatable. Palin, the fundamentalist hockey mum, is an Aquarius too. You will find that there are a lot of Aquarius people in politics, they feel very attracted by it and usually cause a lot of damage with their deformed ideas of ‘how the world should be’.

    In Tarot Aquarius is ruled by the card ‘The Star’. The imagery depicted is that of a water bearer, who pours one cup of himself and with the other passes the water on to the lower regions. The idea here is one of inspiration and mediation. The Aquarius is mercurial and wants to be a mediator between heaven and earth, and the basic thing that fascinates him in life is the multitude of possibilities he sees in front of him. You will find that lots of Aquarius people will never be faithful to a single mindset but instead hop from one ideology to the next. One year they may be devout christians, the next they will be devout muslims or humanists. This is because to them any mental construct is a world in itself they want to explore. They do not see the bigger picture in this regard and this is sort of problematic.

    The career of an Aquarius

    Anything that involves idealism, talking, politics, mental contructs. The Aquarius feels like a fish in the water at such activities. Talking is like his food, without idealism he feels dried up and he will get depressed. The Aquarius is an excellent mediator and he can often solve problems other people can’t by negotiation. He will also often be a highly feared because unbeatable debater, which is why the Aquarius is so fit for politics. Last but not least: 30% of the world dictators was an Aquarius so there’s another possibility for our waterbearing friend: conquer a country and make it better by being its divine inspirator :)

    The Aquarius in love

    Love to an Aquarius is almost strictly a mental phenomenon and alsmot inseperatable from the idea of ‘friendship’. The Aquarius principally sees love in a very platonic sort of way, as an ideal, as a high sort of thought. They do not usually seek to materialize such ideals, because they enjoy the ideal itself and they know manifesting it would ruin it. If they ruin it they tend to get depressed and tend to immediately seek some other form of ideal about love that is different than the one before and again promises a better life or a better world. Air signs are essentially cold, which means that if you get involved with an Aquarius it will always be a somewhat distant, idealistic and mental sort of relationship. He will probably, entangles in his ideal world, not be aware of these shortcomings, though.

    60 degree relations:

    60 degree relations are the most common for relationships. These are the ‘good friends’ sort of relationships, that is often the best and most logical basis for long term commitment. For an Aquarius these are:

    * Sagittarius (23 Novermber – 23 December)

    The Sagittarius feels very attracted to the Aquarius and his mature, easy and mysterious ways. The aloofness of the Aquarius sign also awakes the interest of the hunter who usually thinks she can make him overcome that defect. The Aquarius, who is very good in mental manipulation, will play the endless power games the Sagittarius likes so much and beat her at almost every turn. The relation might have a certain dynamic for this reason: but in the end there is some more problematic aspects about this relationship: the Aquarius can’t really give the devotion the Sagittarius longs for and the Aquarius is way too cold for the passionate Sagittarius. And then there’s the jealousy that will always rear its head. These two might be better off as friends, but it could be worth a try.

    * Aries (23 March – 23 April)

    The fire of Aries and the Air of Aquarius mix well and the Aquarius has the power to makes the Aries flames go higher and higher. However, I do not believe this combination will ever work well. The problem here is that the simple and dominant Aries does not harmonize with the complex, aloof, intellectual sign Aquarius. The Aries does not understand the Aquarius at all. To him that sort of complicated people are people from hell. He wants simplicity and attention, not intellectualism and aloofness. So chances for this combination to work are dim, unless we deal with a very intellectual Aries and a rather actionminded Aquarius.

    120 degree relationships

    These are relationships within the same element. These relationships tend to be very intense and intimate. They are in fact stronger than the 60 degree relations but harder to maintain because of their intensity.  Once a proper balance is found they will likely, however, last forever, at least in the heart atmosphere. For an Aquarius these are:

    * Libra (23 September – 23 Oktober)

    The relation with the more instable Libra might be very profitable to the Libra. The Aquarius is most more likely to have mastered his mind and the Libra can learn a lot from him about the ways of thought and how to balance them. There is however an essential imbalance in this relationship: The Aquarius simply cannot learn much from the Libra, who sort of represents an earlier stage of himself, and as such he might after some time simply get disinterested in this relationship. The Aquarius, however, is essentially looking for the higher forms of friendship and is not very interested in classic relationship forms. Therefore these two, if they become good friends, might also last a very long time as a couple, even though their relationship will be very mental, being both air signs, and sort of cold for that reason.

    * Gemini (23 May – 23 June)

    These two will understand each other well because they are both purely mental signs. However, in a relationship, the Aquarius will completely dominate the Gemini. The Gemini in reality has not much to offer the Aquarius: he is the last stage and total control of air, a sophisticated thinker, and the uncontrolled and spontaneous outbursts of the Gemini will perhaps amuse him at first but sooner or later it will start to seriously irritate him. As Air is essentially a cold element there also is not too much warmth in this combination, so even if the combination is somehow successful it will be a rather cold, aloof and formal relationship based on thought patterns and ideas. There is a risk the Gemini will totally idolize the Aquarius and an unhealthy relationship could result.

    Opposite relationship

    One hears often that ‘opposites attract’ and sometimes the opposite relation can be very good, since these signs can be sort of complimentary. In case of Aquarius the opposite sign is:

    * Leo (23 july – 23 August)

    This is a challenging combination, but not a generally easy one either. The Aquarius is a very mental, aloof, intellectual sign that essentially sees through the ego-defects of the Lion so he will have problems taking the Lion serious. The Lion senses that and it hurts his pride. Also the Aquarius isn’t sexually challenging enough to the Lion, who looks for more than intellectual friendship in a relation and wants to dominate the Aquarius which is very hard with such an aloof sign. I don’t see this combination as workable unless the Aquarius has lots of planets in water and fire signs.

    The Sexual Aquarius

    The Aquarius is good at manipulating mental imagery so thats one thing that works to his advantage when it comes to sex, but the big problem here is that Aquarius is an Airsign: cold at the core, not passionate about life but rather aloof and observing. When you sleep with an Aquarius you can expect lots and lots of talks in the bed and good friendship. Some Aquarius signs have severe problems relating to sex, since sex is hard to idealize as something ‘high’ once you get into the dirty reality of it: as such they might get very disappointed in sex and turn away from it. It’s hard to get an Aquarius to be passionate anyway unless you can somehow convince them there’s an higher idealistic goal to your lovelife. That’s why many tantra adepts will probably be Aquarius :)

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