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    The sign Taurus or Bull is the second of the the astrological signs in the wheel and it represents the fortification of growth and the first manifestation of the material. Where in Aries there was just the fire of the seed, in Taurus there is the root, the first manifestation of the material in Nature. This is why any Taurus first and foremost is obsessed with finding or maintaining a materialistic basis in his life. Taurus is ruled by Venus, but this is the earthly Venus whose prime concern is to bloom. The sign Taurus can be recognized by a certain freshness the sign radiates, it is the freshness of newborn life, accompanied by a certain sexuality which, trhough its Venusian qualities, can be highly tempting for other signs in the wheel.

    One of the irritating aspects of Taurus is evidently that they are so obsessed with their body or other forms of material basis (luxury) that they hardly have any time left to devote to activities involving spirituality or intellectual growth. Besides that, one of the prime characteristics of the Bull is that he’s the ultimate manifestation of laziness. Watch the Taurus and you will notice this laziness even in their physical energies.

    Who hasn’t seen those typical, loomy, lazy taurus eyes has simply never observed a real Taurus.  Such eyes have a highly sexual appeal, at least to some, and I think you will find that many models and otherwise bodily obsessed person (porn stars for example) are Taurus. The Taurus will always try find the most easy way of wallowing in luxury. Their greatest flaw is their complete lack of ambition: they will always stick with ‘the certain formula’ – essentially a Taurus really despises change, even if he often will pretend he doesn’t. As such you may find many Tauri pretending to be spiritual teachers, art critics, etc. but they will be foremost in these roles to ensure their own comfort.

    Taurus is a dominant sign, but they are far too lazy to try actually control their partners. Therefore they will always seek a somewhat dominant partner who can control them and they will be satisfied with being dominated by this partner as long as this partner provides them with attention and the luxury life they desire so much. When such luxury, that can manifest itself in various ways, is absent the Taurus will feel very unhappy and often manifest as a raging bull. Once a Taurus gets into his typical rage he will be very hard to calm down.

    Because the Taurus is the root of the cosmic plant, they cannot be seperated from the earth. It is useless to lift them high into the air, they feel uncomfortable there. Their function is to comminicate between the surface and the deep earth. A Taurus despises complicated things. You will have a hard time finding Tauri that love complicated thought for example: they highly prefer keeping things simple and lucid.

    Taurus is one of the prime sexual signs. They have a good sex drive because sex to them is one of the luxeries they love to ravel in. Lack of sex will be a prime reason for them to break up a relationship. You can’t deny a Taurus his luxeries. The Taurus is not very imaginative in his love-making: any imagination would likely have to be introduced by their partner. Sex and love to them basically are the same things, or better said: both to them are just manifestations of the divine luxery that is the prime drive of their existence. ‘Food and Sex’ is the basic mantra of any real Taurus. What a great piece of art will do for an art critic, a great piece of food will do to the Taurus: produce it and he will be your slave forever.

    Because of their rootiness the Taurus is primarily a very conservative sign. Even when they pretend to be very liberal or engineers of change they will, in reality, be very conservative about it and usually only in it for the comfort the position brings them.

    The career of a Taurus

    A Taurus will choose a career that makes him feel comfortable. As any competition necissarily evokes discomfort he will usually not strive for a higher position or he will only strive for a higher position until he is comfortable enough, which usually will be rather sooner than later because the Taurus can’t stand long periods of discomfort. You will find lots of Tauri that complain continuously about their jobs: but the truth is that the prospect of discomfort to them seems worse than the prospect of losing a job they don’t actually like. A Taurus is good for any sort of job that requires calm authority and not much ambition or competition. As workers they are reliable, as long as the employer can tolerate their loomy tempo and lack of ambition in any sort of direction.

    The Taurus in love

    Love to a Taurus is primarily a manifestation of luxury. To them Love is a very physical thing. Food and Sex to them are the prime agents of love. A Taurus wants just one thing really: to be spoiled by his partner. They are romantic, but usually too lazy to initiate much romance themselves. When they feel satisfied they will sigh regularily and exclaim life is a great thing. They will never be interested much in more unphysical manifestations of love, such as platonic love and the like. They are not essentially great flirters, but they do have a strong sexual aura and may appear as great temptations.

    The following partners are harmonic for the Aries:

    60 degree relationships

    60 degree relations are the most common for relationships. These are the ‘good friends’ sort of relationships, that is often the best and most logical basis for long term commitment. For a Taurus these are:

    Pisces/Fish (23 Februar – 23 March)

    Water and earth make mud in the long run, but this combination has something comfortable to offer to the Taurus. The undemanding, dreamy fish finds stability and a connection to the world around him in the Taurus, and the Taurus as a root always longs for water to grow. The dreamy, unearthly world of the fish will seem like an escape from his own limitations to the Taurus. In that way the relationship may be beneficial to the both of them, but I don’t see any stability in the long run. The fish will have a hard time fullfilling the sexual demands of the Taurus, and its eartliness sooner or later will start to bore him and he will lose himself in crazy dreams. The Taurus will feel unfulfilled by this partner and sooner or later will start to be irritated by the inability of the fish to abandon his dreams.

    Cancer/ Crabs (23 june – 23 july)

    Another water sign that can feed the Taurus need of growth, but this combination is better for the Taurus. The essentially conservative Cancer will has the same basic needs as the Taurus: stability, luxury and a beautiful home life. These two make a great pair. The Cancers imagination will improve the Taurus sexlife and the Taurus will bring the stability and faithfullness into the equation the Cancer longs for. A potential area of conflict is the insensitivity of the Taurus which will regularily irritate the Cancer, and other way around the Cancers oversensitivity will irritate the Taurus which finds the Cancer much too complicated in the area of feelings. But essentially these two greatly satisfy each other and i think it’s one of the best possibles combos for the Taurus relationship-wise.

    120 degree relationships

    These are relationships within the same element. These relationships tend to be very intense and intimate. They are in fact stronger than the 60 degree relations but harder to maintain because of their intensity.  Once a proper balance is found they will likely, however, last forever, at least in the heart atmosphere. For a Taurus these are:

    Capricorn (23 December – 23 Januari)

    These two are attracted to each other like almost no two other signs in the Zodiac. The Taurus, too lazy to control anyone and essentially looking for a dominant partner, finds the ultimate master of control in the Capricorn, the master of matter, the stubborn manipulator, death. Oh yes, this will be a long relationship unless the Capricorn forgets to provide the Taurus his luxury. The great downer of this relation is that, since both are earth signs and materialistic, the relationship will be incredibly boring to a demnading looker but it might not be so to the participants themselves: they are not bothered byt the fact that they are so material and unambitious.

    Virgo (23 August – 23 September)

    There is also attraction between these two, but the relationship is more problematic than the previous one. This is because Virgo is a much more inactive type of earth sign and Taurus is sort of passive too, which results in two passive signs co existing besides each other. The critical abilities of the Virgo are also way too complicated for the easy Taurus and the Virgo starts to be very critical of the lack of ambitions the Taurus has, sooner or later, and that will result in conflict, since the Tqaurus essentially doesn’t like ambitions. So this relationship is a rather unlikely one in reality, probably the worst one we have seen so far, as the relation with fish has more potential than this one, i think.

    Opposite relationship

    One hears often that ‘opposites attract’ and sometimes the opposite relation can be very good, since these signs can be sort of complimentary. In case of Taurus the opposite sign is:

    Scorpio (23 Oktober – 23 November)

    Another great attraction, and sexually a pair matched in heaven: the obsessed scorpio and the always-ready to-get-fucked Venusial Taurus make a dynamic pair in bed. Problem is, however, that outside of bed they don’t have too much in common. The scorpion is not interested in stability, he wants change and transformation. He wants to be challenged, and not just sexually even though the scorpion is a quite sexual sign. So I don’t see much potential for this relationship in the longer run. The conservative taurus will irritate the hell out of the transformative scorpion sooner or later, and the lack of mental and intellectual challenge will cause him to seek his challenge elsewhere. That might result in some sort of ‘only-for-sex’ relationship but that is ultimately rather unfulfilling to the both of them.

    The sexual Taurus

    The Taurus has a good sex drive, but he is lazy and will usually stick to conventions and romantic rituals. The Taurus does know how to enjoy the luxury of his sense and they will be sensual but slightly passive and unimaginative lovers, always ready to get fucked but never ready for anything too complicated. Taurus is a jealous sign, and jealousy will turn him into a raging bull, which is why he is best off with a partner that is not too frolicsome. Worst partners for a Taurus are definatly the fire signs. The Taurus cannot cope very well with fire at all – they will just fuck him and leave him in despair.

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