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    Flirting with a Virgo

    Flirting with a Virgo man or woman requires special attention and a keen strategy. The Virgo by nature is analytical and critical and somewhat conservative. If you take the wrong approach to your tactics you will likely cause him or her to never look at you again. Listen well, however, and you will have a good chance to fully seduce him or her.

    A Virgo is the final stage of Earth, it is mutable earth. This means that as a Sign it’s like the physical manifestation of Earth. If you want to seduce a Virgo the keyword to your strategy must be ‘purity’. What does that mean? Well, you can read that in my Definitive Guerilla Astrology Flirt Guide, a book i wrote that explains in minute detail how to deal with and seduce Virgo people until they totally worship you. Try it or you will never know!

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